Healthcare & Medical Real Estate Services

In South Florida

  • Research
  • Valuation
  • Advisory
  • Connections

We understand the strategic partnerships that are developing across the spectrum of the healthcare industry and how they integrate with the commercial real estate sector. This allows us to provide clients with real estate solutions and partnerships that help accomplish their goals of operating more efficiently and at a lower cost, while providing superior levels of service. 

Unique Solutions We Offer

  • Investment Services 
  • 1031 Exchange 
  • Market Research & Analysis 
  • Specialized Consulting 
  • Asset Inventory 
  • Asset Management 
  • Leasing 
  • Tenant Representation 
  • Acquisition and Disposition 
  • Medical Tourism 

Healthcare & Medical Property Types

  • Acute Care Hospitals 
  • Community Hospitals 
  • Outpatient Facilities 
  • Senior Housing 
  • Assisted Living 
  • Elder Care 
  • Rehabilitation Facilities 
  • Memory Care Facilities 
  • Diagnostic facilities

New Changes in Healthcare & Medical Real Estate

Healthcare delivery is changing the way real estate is used for healthcare systems to function. A new pattern is evolving from doctor-centered to patient-centered healthcare.

  • Healthcare is moving off campus making community facilities more accessible. 
  • Physician practices are merging and there is a trend towards making large integrated hospital systems necessary. 
  • Medical office buildings and out-patient facilities are evolving and taking new shapes. 
  • Tele-medicine and home-health services are rapidly growing making tech heavy facilities necessary. 
  • As baby-boomers move towards retirement there will be an uptick in senior housing needs and medical access in their communities.