Investment Buyers

Investment Buyers come in all shapes & sizes from the single-family home flipper to the NNN Buyer to a group of Investors who joint venture to build apartment complexes.

Why Buy Investment Property?


Susan & her husband Jim, who are in their mid-30’s have been contributing to their 401K at work for many years and they decided to add real estate to their investment portfolio.  They had bought their home, a fixer upper, in the market down turn & now they have a good deal of equity in their property.  They decided to use this equity as a down payment in a 6-unit apartment building that was close by.  They looked at the cash flow of the property, determined that they could service the debt and still have some money to put away for a rainy day or if they said had some down time on an apartment between tenants. Their plan is to pay off the mortgage over 25 years using the rental income.  Once the property is paid off they will have income in their retirement years.


Bob & Julia owned investment property in the Boston area for over 15 years & had a real estate portfolio of two strip centers worth $5,000,000. Julia received a promotion to the company headquarters in Southwest Florida and they decided sell their real estate in the Boston area & started looking for similar property closer to their new home.   Bob & Julia were able to find like-kind properties close to their new location and take advantage of a 1031 exchange so they could defer their payment of taxes.   It was very important for them to coordinate the sale & purchase of the new properties to stay within the guidelines of the 1031 exchange rules.


Mary’s father passed away and left Mary with a sizable inheritance. Mary knew if she invested wisely she would be able to live on the income from the investment. She did not want to own anything that required her to be on constant call from tenants and the numbers needed to work for her as an income property.  Mary ended up buying a self-storage facility close to her home.  There was staff in place to run the facility with Mary overseeing the operations.


Jason buys distressed properties, turns them around and sells them for a profit.  His latest purchase was a six-unit medical office building.  The bank had foreclosed on the building and only two of the six units were occupied.  Jason was able to buy the building for a discounted cost, as it was producing a very low income.  Jason renovated the four vacant units, repainted the building & was able to lease the vacant units out at market rate.  Once the property was producing a good income stream and he had 5+ year leases with his tenants, he was able to sell it at a sizable profit. 

How to get started – The Process

  • We would love to meet or conference with you so we can discuss your needs, your motivation and your time frame. 
  • We will also conduct a Needs Analysis to make sure we are addressing your main issues & concerns.
  • We may need to conference or consult with your lawyer, accountant or financial planner or other professional to make sure we have the right information so we are putting together a plan that is in keeping with your goals.
  • We will then present our findings and conclusions to you to determine which course of action you wish to take.